How to Choose the Perfect Season for Your Wedding

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Most people find that choosing the perfect season for their special day to be particularly difficult. Some want the summer because of the bright fresh colors and beautiful gardens available for pictures outdoors. Some like the fall it’s cool enough outdoors and the rustic look of the leaves on the ground give it a deep rich colorful look to pictures. There are some also who love the winter, whether it be a Christmas theme, a valentine theme or just a winter wonderland theme winter has it’s many advantages. However, each season has its advantages and disadvantages as I will explain further. Knowing the pros and cons of each season will help you in choosing which season is right for you. Pros and Cons to each season.

Summer (June-August)

Summer is the most popular season for weddings often because of the warm weather, the sun is out, the lush colours of flowers and green grass make a fairy-tale wedding picture extra special.



-Warm Weather, often with a guaranteed sunny day
-lush green grass and colorful beautiful flowers for picture taking until your hearts content, often some of the most picturesque gardens are open during the summer months.
-Beautiful bright colors for bridesmaid dressed and such, often a floral bouquet during the summer will have bright colored flowers, tulips, lily’s, violets and such.
-Light bridal dresses are perfect for this time of year, it’s the time to go sleeveless.
-Out door weddings are perfect as well for the summer time, and this is the time to do destination weddings. Also wild flower themed weddings, or a midsummer nights dream themed wedding would be very appropriate for summer.Cons.
-Often you will find that the time between June and August is very hot, often humid in some parts which can leave you and your guests fanning and sweating during those lovely outdoor weddings, so make sure if you do have an outdoor wedding that tents and shade as well as plenty of drinks are available preferably water.
-Prices go up! Prices of weddings such as halls, churches, photographers always tend to be higher during the busy season which is summer. You also can expect to wait as long as two years for a hall between these months as summer is a popular time of year to get hitched.
-Gardens for picture taking are often very crowded. Most places that are known as the hot spots for photo taking you will find will be crowded. It’s not uncommon to see five or six or more weddings going on all in the same park. Often photographers are standing in line waiting for others to be done so their clients can step up onto the pretty bridge and have their photo’s taken.

Fall (September-October)
Fall is becoming the new summer of weddings. More and more people are considering the beautiful fall leaves and rusted oranges to be ideal for wedding colors. Gone are the pastel blues and lavenders of summer and in are the deep reds, burnt oranges and greens of fall.


-The weather during fall is a lot cooler but yet you can be pretty confidant that beautiful days are still there with the sun shinning and the luscious colors of fall illuminating.
-Although not considered the off season fall is still a lots less crowded of a time to get married than summer is.
-There are many themes to fall, with the changing of seasons, the beauty of the leaves changing color and the gardens outside are not nearly as crowded as summertime.
-Colors burnt orange, deep red, browns and greens adorn your wedding party as dresses take on a deep red look, and reception tables are adorned with colored leaves.
-Themes are easy as the season itself is a great starting point for decorations. You can sprinkle fallen leaves on the floor around the head table, or on the table tops, you can do a whole Fall theme!Cons
-You are looking at either going fall or nothing at all. You can have any theme or colors at your wedding but your wedding outdoor pictures (should you chose to have outdoor pictures) will be fall colored naturally.
-Depending where you live and whether your wedding is in early September or late October you may have to contend with bad weather or a very cold day or evening.
-Prices are still relatively high as this still isn’t quite considered the off season and you still may find bookings up to two years, as fall is fast becoming very popular.

Winter (November-February)
Winter is officially considered the off season for weddings. Most girls when they are little dream about the fairy-tail outdoor wedding or summer wedding with all the colors of summer or even fall. In the winter everything is dead and the colors are limited to white! There are theme options like Christmas, winter, or Valentines.


-It’s the off season, prices are lower for most halls and catering, photographers and such.
-You will find a booking a lot quicker as winter weddings still haven’t caught on.
-You can have themes such as Christmas, winter wonderland, ice fantasy, or Valentines.
-the colors of winter are rich and deep like deep burgundy, or velvet greens and royal blues. The bouquets could be roses, carnations, crystals and winter ferns darned with acorns, berries and holly leaves.
-It’s a creative time to get married
-I also find a nice February wedding or a November wedding is fun as people tend to be board with winter by February or feeling the effects of winter shock in November and a wedding is a great celebration.
-destination weddings are great at this time of year. Getting married in Hawaii or the Bahamas is a great get away and your guest will love the idea of escaping the winter weather for a few days.Cons
-It is cold! And you always run the chance of a snow storm keeping guests away.
-Outdoor pictures although can be done and can look quite picturesque, but it’s cold and uncomfortable so most couples opt for a studio pics or just wedding ceremony and reception ones.
-You are more constrained that you can not enjoy halls that have beautiful gardens as your guests will not be walking around outside.

Spring (March-May)
Spring is a nice time when everything is new, flowers are popping up the sun is waking after a long hibernation of winter. Things are coming to life and the weather is still fairly good. This is not quite considered the off season as may is considered the to be a popular wedding month but it’s a little more flexible than summer.


-Cool days and nights
-Beautiful new flowers and colours most gardens are beginning to open
-A little felxible with finding halls and such not quite as hard to book as summer time can be.
-Outdoor weddings are possible (with a rain day option)
-spring is overall a happy time.Cons
-Rain is a big threat and can happen very easily, if braving outdoor weddings make sure you have a hall booked in case or a rain date, best thing is a hall because tents just wont do it not in a big storm.
-Depending on when whether March or May it may differ march can still be snowy in some parts and things may not have sprouted yet in terms of flowers and such.
-Weather is really the biggest con as it can be unpredictable.

So whether you are choosing to marry in the summer, winter, spring or fall the secret to choosing the season for you is to decide what you want. Do you want certain colors that are dominate to summer? Do you want an outdoor wedding? Do you have a love for a certain time of year? Or perhaps saving money is a big deal so getting married in the off season might be your thing. The only way to know is to examine the pros and cons and see what is right for you. Some hate rain and weather would be a large issue so spring wouldn’t be a good idea. Some hate the cold and want beautiful garden pictures so winter would be out and summer would be your best bet. So think it over sit down and compile your own lists of what it is you want in your wedding then look at what the four seasons offer and go from there. Which ever season you choose there are many beautiful wonderful options for all the seasons, and every season offers with it, it’s own beauty.

Happy Weddings!